The Grynd Report Talks with artist King P @1KingP

What’s good King P? Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Bless up!!!! “King P is a Jamaican-rooted Hip Hop artist and Saxophonist out of
Florida, who delivers an unmatched level of energy through his Dancehall flair!” I’m blessed and appreciative of this and every moment of life!

Tell us how music became your passion?

I’ve loved music all my life! My first experience with music had to be when I was an infant in Jamaica. I was born in Miami, as a child, my brother and I were sent to Jamaica to live with our grandma for a few years. It was there that I learned how important music is to our culture. When I eventually came back to Miami my mother told me I had developed a thick Jamaican accent. We teased each other a lot and my family used to call me ‘Little Mike’ (Michael Jackson) because I would try to dance and sing like him all the time. In my school years I had a lot of musical influence, I can still recall the tunes they played on the way to football practice and at the games. I was also heavily involved with the church singing in choirs. I picked up my first instrument at 11 and wanted to perform every chance I could, so I recognized very early music and performing music was a passion of mine. Since then, I’ve picked up multiple instruments and will always acknowledge that I am a musician first. In 2009 a friend of mine in Los Angeles would ask me to record sax parts on his music. After a while he suggested I should use my talents which was always my dream although I was not pursuing it at the time for many reasons. I took his advice and immediately began producing beats which soon began me producing for local artists after a friend took one of my beat CDs without me being aware to share with artists. I later heard a song in “The Moon” (local club in Tallahassee, Florida), on one of my beats. As time went on, the artists moved on and I decided to become an artist myself after listening to beats I made for an artist who disappeared for a few months. Literally, I saw words in the air as I was listening, and I jumped up and started writing. At that moment, King P the producer became King P the artist! Basically, full circle back to my passion all along in music and performing!

‘Slip N Slide’ is the new single. Tell our readers about it and where it’s available.

Slip N Slide is available everywhere on all streaming platforms! Here’s a hub link to it all:
Slip N Slide is a fun vibrant song about being on my grind as I quote, “We rock dem shows but they don’t know, these lonely roads, make my dreams unfold!” and I think the first part of the hook says it all melodically, “Straight Vibin, I’m shining, we sticking and rolling….” As it is said in Jamaica, “everything irie” that’ the “straight vibin” part; the “I’m shining” part is the grind coming to light and the “sticking and rolling” part is the fun juke dance style of Miami. To sum it all up, I’m having fun while on my grind! Slip N Slide has the essence of Florida, more specific, south Florida, particularly a Miami sound. While on my All or Nothing Tour in Los Angeles, California early 2020 (pre-pandemic), just listening to some beats from producer Rockomal of the rap group Suns of Atliens, he played the early stages of this beat and I loved the sound immediately. I wanted to write about LA vibes which I was able to reference a little but the music sounds, feels and is Miami. I wrote the 3rd verse and completed the recording of the song in Tallahassee, Florida. The Lyric Video is already out on YouTube…. We filmed the music video in Miami, Florida on Monday, March 29, 2021 and the video is set to release on Friday May 28, 2021 which is Memorial Day Weekend.

What’s been the biggest lesson learned since being in the music industry?

I don’t know if there’s one big lesson within the music industry! It’s a grind and there’s so much to learn but then because the industry, even the world now is changing so fast, you’re basically constantly learning. I’d say it is very necessary to seize the moment at all and any time opportunity is in your face and if there is no opportunity, then create one. Saying all of that just brought to mind what could possibly be my biggest lesson; and that is not to hold back anything! Why wait!?!?!?! I remember having a private listening session with TJ Chapmen (manager of B.o.B. and Trap Beckham), when I played my single Good Vibes, TJ exact words were “what are you waiting on”…….as I was sitting on the song for a year, then after I released it, about 11 months went by before I shot the music video, thanks to my fans that helped me reach my goal of $15k via Kickstarter to shoot the music video in Jamaica. I then pushed Good Vibes which has been great, but I should have kept dropping music at the same time. I’ve released multiple songs since then and still going even with multiple visuals. After the music video for Slip N Slide drops on May 28th, you might as well call me the content king. I’m ready!

Besides music, what else are you passionate about?

I’m a passionate person in general so I may be passionate about a lot of things. I do recognize that I have a passion for kids and family; also sports thus why I’ve coached several sports over the years; and I absolutely love roller skating so much that I also count it as a passion. Over-all I’m passionate about life!

What’s next for King P?

I’m focused on Slip N Slide growing to National attention is my goal, so Iam super excited about the music video premiering on Friday, May 28th, Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re in Miami come on out to the watch party starting at 7pm (details on my IG @1KingP). I have a few projects lined up that include film. So, featuring in a major film as the star actor and performing on the biggest festival stages as the world opens up from the pandemic are my short-term goals. I look forward to releasing more music and more already filmed unreleased music videos for songs like Top Notch, Tonight We Party, Aloha and My Life in Time. Then as an independent record label owner (PALACE MUSIC RECORDS aka KINGP ENTERTAINMENT), I have a special artist from Nigeria, our upcoming single called Body Calling and his EP called Survival, we are getting ready to release in the next couple of months. I am very excited about this project just as I am excited about my King P projects! Excited is an understatement… Let’s Gooooooo!!!!!! #GoodVibes 2da World!!!!!

Give us your definition of ‘Grynd’?

Let’s see, when I see and hear those five letters, I immediately think about my own five letters…. “King P”! I define “Grynd” by doing whatever it takes, by any means necessary! Personally, I’ve done it all, working a full-time job, coaching sports as the head coach at that, taking care of family, playing in my band and a part of other bands, mentoring and so much more all while pursuing the music industry. That was a grind but on May 2, 2019 I decided to resign from my full-time job of 10+ years, and break from coaching sports to completely focus on my music getting to the next level. With no steady income coming in, now I truly know for real what the “Grynd” truly is all about! I’m hustling without hustling if you know what I mean…. basically, by any means necessary as I stated before and I’ve promised myself I will not go back to working a 9 to 5 or working for anyone. I’m 100% locked into my career goals as an artist, actor and entrepreneur. “I’m a business man!” I’m up at 5am, sometimes 3am starting my day and I try to utilize my entire day/night doing something productive and of value towards my goals. Everyone gotta eat so apart of my hustle, I launched Good Vibes Kitchen catering company which has done well serving ya favorite Jamaican and Bahamian dishes and more. The “Grynd” is not a temporary thing, it has to be a full-time experience if you are truly on ya grind; it’s an intense, consistent dedicated work towards the dream, towards my goals!

Where can we follow you online?

Follow me on all social media @1KingP
Tune into my YouTube channel PSSKINGP:
Here’s a hub link to all my social media and music platforms:
Official Website:
Apple Music:
Slip N Slide lyric video out now: (Official Music Video drops May 28th)
Stream/Download on all platforms here:
Pre Save Tonight We Party here:
Pre Save Body Calling here:

Any shout outs?

Gotta shout out the entire Slip N Slide production team (cast and crew) and everyone that just came out to support and watch!!!!! Slip N Slide production set was big energy!!!!! Shoutout to my partner Karissma Robinson and her brand Pretty Picture Perfect who has been filming my Music Videos. Shoutout to DJ H2 and his productions company H2 Films for directing and putting the video together! I believe I connected with all the right people on this project! Shoutout to all my fans and supporters that’s been rocking with me especially when I launched my Good Vibes Victory Lap Kickstarter campaign that raised $15k to film the Good Vibes Music Video in Kingston, Jamaica that ultimately led me to meeting my father’s side of family for the first time! Shoutout to my mom and family, gotta shout out Misty, TampaMystic and last but not least I shout out myself and God!