New Exclsuive interview with Shu Religion @shumoneyblue

What’s going on Shu Religion? Please introduce yourself to our readers.

What’s going on its Shu Religion Shudasavage straight out of Savannah GA what’s happening?

How did music become your passion?

When I first started music people in my circle gave me that approval. They felt I had potential in being a good artist and felt I was industry ready, and I felt like the people around me believed in me so that gave me the confidence to stick with it and take it seriously.

Tell us about the music scene in Savannah, GA for up-and-coming artists.

I feel it’s a lot of dope artists in Savannah but maybe we just need a platform to showcase it. I don’t feel like the doors open enough for people to be notice or enough buzz, but I feel like it’ll get better over time if people come together and make something happen.

You have a new single called’ Takeover’. Tell our readers about it and where it’s available.

It’s available on all platforms. I also have a link in my Ig bio if you follow me @shumoneyblue it takes you to Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube. I really feel like it’s me making a statement, letting it be known I’m just as good or better than anybody in the game right now that’s my whole mindset.

What are some of your future goals for your music career?

I want my music to create more opportunities for myself and other people be the biggest to come out my city establish myself as one of the best in the game.

Besides music, what else do you enjoy doing?

Working out, gaming, and just cooling with the ones closest to me.

What’s next for you?

Just working and find more ways to get my name buzzing and continue to create more good music.

Where can we follow you online?

IG and twitter @shumoneyblue
Music platforms @ shu religion

Any shout outs?

Yea shout out to everybody who follow me and support me.
Shout out to the whole Savannah and everybody down there doing they thing and shout out to you for having me and I appreciate it!