The Grynd Report gets an one on one with D-Kno Money

Thank You for spending time with The Grynd Report. Please Introduce yourself and explain the origin behind your name.

My name is Daniel “D-Kno Money” McFadden from South Jamaica Queens. The “D” in D-Kno Money of course is for My original name being Daniel. My late brother (Rip) Tone Macc gave me my name “D-Kno Money one day in a joking manner over a money situation we had. I took the name and ran with it from that very moment.

Describe what it was like growing up Jamaica Queens, NY

When I was growing up it was all about education and survival. It wasn’t cool to be a dummy and definitely not a punk. Fighting was normal for me, but I had a lot of fun outside of the foolishness. Playing basketball and doing music was the escape from all the madness.

When did you decide to get into the music business and why?

I started recording music in 2003. I remember my very first studio session in Queens. My very first mixtape released in 2006 titled “The Money Bag”.

Talk to us about the concept of your latest release Came A Long Way?

“Came A Long Way” was inspired from my journey from past to present. It discusses events and tells a story from a heartfelt place.

How Would You describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

My music is authentic. It never sounds dated but always current and original.

What would you say is the biggest accomplishment you have experienced so far?

My biggest accomplishment thus far would be my large body of work. I was blessed with the ability to stay consistent and remain relevant.

Outside of the music business what other ventures are you interested in or currently exploring?

Outside of music I’m a tradesman. I do a lot of plumbing work. I’m into youth basketball mentorship and coaching and anything that helps the youth. I’m highly interested in just being a public servant anyway possible.

How do you plan to be a game-changer in the music business?

My plan on changing the game is to make it cool to be original. Make it acceptable to be positive no matter the climate.

Talk to us about projects you released in the past and any future projects you plan to release?

My body of work includes features from artists such as Tony Yayo, Troy Ave, Noreaga, Funk Flex, Grafh, Jack Thriller, and more! Several mixtape series leading up to my most recent mixtape “MAKE IT COUNT” Hosted by Dj Main Avent.
I’m currently working on more projects for the future before I take a leap in another direction.

Any Shoutouts?

Can’t forget,
Manager Smitty Blak,
The whole D-Kno Money Media staff and affiliates,
Bleu Exclusive


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