The Grynd Report Interviews Johnnie Floss @Johnniefloss

Whats been up Johnnie Floss? Let the world know who you are and what you do.

It’s your boy Johnnie Floss aka Barack OFloss cause I got presidential swagg. I’m a hip hop artist repping Brooklyn, New York.

Early on who were some of your musical inspirations?

Well I have a few. My pops put me on about old school dudes like Kool Moe Dee, Slick Rick, & Rakim and as far as learning about hip hop on my own I gravitated to Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, and Ludacris

BK has always been a breeding ground for lyricism with its MC’s. Do you ever feel the pressure to compete or even carry the torch for the borough?

Yes and No. Yes because so many great artists came from where I’m from so if you can’t “keep up” so to speak you might not get the love or respect you’re looking for and No because I’m confident in my material so I feel like I belong with some of the elite so the torch will be in good hands

Lets discuss the new visual ‘Plantano & Collard Greens’ featuring Emilio Rojas. How did y’all link up and what is the premise of the song x visual?

I’m excited about it. I’ve always been a fan of Emilio so it was great to work with him. I honestly just hit him up and let him get familiar with what I do, my vision for the record and he was with it. It’s a straight forward kinda record. I chose that route cause we’re both lyric driven artists so I wanted the bars to stand out and be heard. I gotta also thank J.Hatch for helping make it happen and introducing us.

Any other collabs on deck we can anticipate?

Yeah I’m working on a few but I don’t wanna say nothing. I don’t wanna jinx it

What have you learned over the last 5 years as you have been pursuing you dream of being a full time artist? Whats the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

The main thing I learned is you don’t have to compromise your sound or style just because it’s not “buzzing” or “popping” at the moment. Your true fans will respect and appreciate what you do and what you bring to the table. The best piece of advice I got so far is perfect your craft but know the business

When people see Floss perform, what can they expect from your show?

They can expect energy, dope bars, and a lot of swagg.(laughs) I honestly feel like people gravitate to me more once they see me on stage

What’s next on the Johnnie Floss timeline?

My album “Barclay State Of Mind” will be dropping either late March or early April and after that I’m gonna drop a mixtape. The title is gonna pay homage to a old school artist so I don’t wanna spoil it so be on the lookout

Where can we find you online?

All social media FB, IG, Twitter & Soundcloud is Johnnie Floss. My Youtube channel is Floss247 and you can simply Google me.

Any last minute shouts?

Thanks to my team Traxx 1st Productions, J.Hatch, my friends and family, Battleship Facebook group and a special shout out to my niece Kaiya

Check Out (New Video) Johnnie Floss f/ Emilio Rojas ‘Planatanos & Collard Greens’

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