New DJ Salute Feature- DJ Amanda Blaze @DJAmandaBlaze


What’s good? Tell us where you are from and what made you become a DJ?

I have been living in Miami the past year and I started DJing about 10 years ago in NYC. I always loved hip hop and I was doing the on-air personality thing until I saw Kid Capri rocking the set and decided I wanted to DJ parties.

Describe your DJ Style?

Versatile. My style is party vibes – I love making people dance.

How important is the DJ to the Underground music scene or artist period?

Well of course I will say VERY important! LOL. We have the ear for music and as for myself I like to break artists thru mixtapes.

Who are some of the artist mainstream or underground that you support today?

I support dope music – Yo Gotti, Tory Lanez, Kent Jones and of course mainstream like Future, 50 Cent, Drake, Beyonce.

When you receive music from an artist what are you listening for that tells you this is a song I need to play?

I listen to the overall production. The hook is important and the flow of the song as well as if it’s mixed properly. Any artists that send me music I measure the song against what’s hot in the clubs and radio to see if it has potential.

What is your definition of Grynd?

No sleep! LOL. It’s basically dedicating every moment of the day to your passion and goals. Being successful means a lot of sacrificing and work to get to the next level.

Do you have a radio show? If so whats the Name, Time where one can hear or view your show.

I currently have a podcast called Club Heat on Soundcloud or iTunes – it’s updated weekly with hottest top 10 songs and new mixtapes.

What next for DJ Amanda Blaze?

I will still be releasing more fire and blazing it up in the clubs. Currently I am working on some singles and will be touring in different cities this year.

Any Shout outs? Where can we find you online?

Hit me up @DJAmandaBlaze on social media and . I just want to shout out everyone that supports me and has been listening to my mixes or is new to follow me – I appreciate the love.


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