Raul Garcia … Born to Win!

Born in raised in the city of kings, Raul Garcia, also known as “Mason Foreign” is a pure example of that. His childhood groomed him to chase his dreams and fulfill them. Becoming an A&R and entrepreneur is one of his main goals. Mason Foreign is also a content creator, …

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Introducing Brooklyn native DJ, Vybz Empress

“Soul of profound, infectious dancing and a feel-good vibe” That’s how Vybz Empress describes herself as a DJ. Born Janel Monah, having grown up in Brooklyn, NY on her father’s combination of classic Reggae, Lovers Rock, Soca; all which became infused with her own love for both Hip-Hop and R&B, …

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Introducing Brooklyn native artist, Goon Oom

Goon Oom Was Born In Brooklyn New York. With The Death Of His Father Due To Liver Cancer He Struggled With Finding His Place In The World As He Didn’t Really Have The Guidance. His Mother Always Away He Didn’t Understand That She Had To Make A Living For The …

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