The Grynd Report Releases the exclusive “Industries Most Wanted” Edition

TampaMystic Celebrates 10 years of Industries Most Wanted and to help celebrate this milestone, The Grynd Report releases an exclusive Industries Most Wanted 10th anniversary edition featuring those who have supported her brand and more. Makes sure to check out these brands on Instagram- @daveskillz @youngsauce_dagod @juscallmerj @iamdjsquirt @givenchyroyal_bs @kiddsuavay …

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Out Now- The Grynd Report Issue 73 losLAUREN 718 EDITION

As we prepare to end the year, we drop off the November Edition with artist losLAUREN 718 who has been on his grynd and focus on his future goal. Check him out and more now in issue 73 of The Grynd Report CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY-

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Out Now- The Grynd Report Issue 72 Louie Da 13th Edition

Louie Da 13th has been on the path to success and every move gets him closer to his goals. Get in tune with his brand in Issue 72 of The Grynd Report. also featuring @jaybangthegreat @pcelouis_ @highdefynition @jlcaagrecords @kaylawavvy @realsmokesta @mulatvhiphop CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR HARD COPY

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