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[Music] Erik Lee – Rude Awakening | @eriklee_500hz

Erik “Anthem” Lee is a musician from Long Beach, California. His love for music places him amongst some of the industry’s best. Anthem has talents ranging from producing, songwriting, TV / Film scoring and more.  Anthem has made imprints in the production scene with major placements. His credits range from …

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[Single] SamoMillion – Lotto | @samomillions

MotorMouthMusicGroup presents SamoMillion – Lotto Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/3HTorcaAQee5EgdMeSEuVn?si=vF9lMvMhSwubGMSawcXB2A YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/F5hkSe3-rUo Stay Connected TW @samomillions | IG @samomillion “Lotto” is also available on ALL other streaming platforms as well.

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[Single] Rozay Ricardo ft Nelzo – Gas Flavors

UpNext Management/Money Hungry Life style presents Rozay Ricardo ft Nelzo – Gas Flavors Available now https://soundcloud.com/hotrod-upnext/rozay-ricardo-gas-flavors-ft-nelzo https://mymixtapez.com/album/221914 Stay Connected IG @RozayRicardo1 | TW @williamrickie

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[Video] Rixh Rose – Chanel 101 | @ballhawgmusic

  Rixh Rose – Chanel 101 (Official Video) https://youtu.be/rKQJYKMIUAI Ballhawg Music presents the brand new hip hop rap single “Chanel 101” by Rixh Rose. Subscribe now for more official music videos. Thanks for watching. Watch this video again. Watch the full music video and share with your friends. The single “Chanel …

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[Album] Blu-Jay – Blu-Flame

“BLU-JAY” IS A PROBLEM!! …and he’s wasting no time making sure we know it! With a first week 2020 release (BLU-FLAME), BLU dropped a solid piece of work, and this is actually his debut project which after listening is hard to believe! Top to bottom, features included, this album is …

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[Single] Deseree Simone – Money | @Desereesimone_

Available on Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/money/1474608072?i=1474608073 Meet Deseree Simone Deseree Simone Jenkins is an American entertainer often referred to as “lightskin.” She’s young but if you listen to her music, you’ll realize quickly she innately found her passion in music. Deseree was born and raised in Houston, Texas, in the Missouri …

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