South Carolina Notable Reezie Roc Announces “Dapper at the Coffee Lounge” Playlist

Reezie Roc and his Dapper at the Coffee Lounge upcoming TV show are proud to announce the launch of the new playlist, titled after the show. Dapper at the Coffee Lounge is a brand new show featuring interviews and guests that appreciate the “dapper” lifestyle. Considering the show
features musical guests, it was only fitting to create a playlist featuring amazing artists to coincide with the brand.

Dapper at the Coffee Lounge is already off to an amazing start, featuring interviews and live performances. Currently, the show is still in production, and will be available in the coming months for streaming. In preparation for the show’s debut, the show’s creator, rapper Reezie Roc, has created a playlist to not only showcase some of the show’s featured guests, but also provide an
opportunity for other up and coming artists to showcase their music on a substantial platform.

Submissions are now open for the Dapper at the Coffee Lounge playlist! All information is below, and to see a preview of the Dapper at the Coffee Lounge TV show, the link is below as well!

For more information about the playlist, or submissions info, please email , Instagram @dapperatthecoffelounge

Dapper at the Coffee Lounge playlist –

Tampa Mystic

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