Juliano is a problem in his hood to a point where he got’em all “Nervous” @Juliano_zone6

Hailing from the Kirkwood streets of Atlanta, GA, Juliano breaks into the music industry with the intentions to be a problem. To understand what this means you have to walk in his shoes. Doing that may make the people who try “Nervous”.

Juliano gives you a vision of this with his new single “Nervous” where trap life meets a hard instrumental that requires nothing but the best lyrics. The mission is for him to take everything “Even Pennies” as he describes this in his song.

Listening to “Nervous” you can hear every part of the song float smoothly from ear to ear. “Mix the Dope with the words I’m a real Trap Rapper”. Juliano delivers with something different with Kirkwood on his back.

“Nervous” available on all digital platforms

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