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NC Drip on the way to a win with new single “Creepin” @nc_drip @bigwaternc4l

The music industry breeds a lot of unique artists. Georgia being one of most influential locations for independent artists, has birth greats of their own. With that said, in Georgia it’s a must that you carry a certain drip. This artist took it to another level by making sure when you think Drip you think NC DRIP.

NC Drip makes a statement with his music that makes you want to know what’s the mood. He does this with his current single “Creepin” where he links up with producer Madd Maxx. Together they took a concept and made it a lifestyle.

“Creepin” has a smooth laid-back sound with an understanding that grynding is still necessary to win, while staying humble in an environment of struggle. Never getting away from his purpose, making it to the next level. Listen for yourself and get in tune.

“Creepin” available via iTunes & Apple Music Now

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