Introducing New Pop Artist MAXX

The diminutive singer-songwriter Maxx is a pop artist originally from Ocean Township, New Jersey. She began singing, performing, and writing at a young age, but never viewed it as her career because she was pursuing horseback riding; she loves horses. During her childhood, she encountered traumatic experiences which affected her mental health. After suffering from depression and anxiety, in 2017, Maxx began to write about her feelings and experiences. That’s when her music became her therapy. Music saved her life, and it kept her prevailing through challenging times. Once she found her love for music, she knew she had to pursue it for the rest of her life.

As Maxx grew older, she began analyzing successful female artists’ careers and inspiration, mainly in the pop spaces. She identified with artists like Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande. When she finally moved to Los Angeles, she sought to find unique ways to create a fresh sound and brand that would be groundbreaking and compelling while allowing her favorite singers and other artists to serve as inspiration.

Maxx’s growing fanbase reflects her seemingly untapped talent. Her passion-filled drive is what is behind her desire to share her voice and perform for new crowds. Maxx has already released five singles, “Thank You For That,” “Old School,” Breaking Out,” “Lover Boy,” and “No Good At Love.” Her unique style, sound, and authenticity have helped her carve her lane as an artist. When she’s not practicing her music, ever the introvert, Maxx also loves to spend time with her horses and enjoys being around nature.

Maxx is currently working on new music to share with her fans and planning to release her debut album early next year. She genuinely enjoys engaging with her fans and establishing a deeper connection with them. She hopes to reach as many people as possible through her story and music. She has developed a unique sound and creates moments to remember in her videos and while performing. Maxx hopes the stories she tells in her music will help others feel less lonely and encourage them to find strength through their passions…as she has.

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