Fily – No Remorse @FilyOtf

Fily‘s visual for No Remorse

Fily is a young artist from Elizabeth, New Jersey on the come up. Coming from a Caribbean family filled with singers & musicians, at a young age he found to be attracted to all types of instruments and music. Because of his experience on learning how to play multiple instruments & listening to different types of music, even though his main genre is Rap, his versatility allows him to mix it up with hip hop, r&b, pop, dancehall, Latin rap and much more.  He’s always been an obsessive perfectionist and because of it, Quality over Quantity has always been his mindset.

His most recent single is called “No Remorse” which is about a young man who’s been betrayed by a woman that he thought would be the one. He looks forward to being able to show the world what his music is about. Continuously aiming to become the best version of himself has pushed him & with the help of all his listeners and feedback he humbly receives, he hopes to one day become one of the world’s biggest artists.

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