The Grynd Report sits down w/ EMF Black for an exclusive interview! @EMF_BLACK

1. What’s going on? Please introduce yourself to THE GRYND REPORT and tell us where you’re from.
EMF BLACK: First EMF last name BLACK and I reign from Queens, NY.

2. When did you start rapping and who or what inspired you?
EMF BLACK: I started over 10 years ago inspired by my Grandmother ILA Vann whom is currently performing throughout Canada.

3. With so many independent artists out here what makes you different & sets you apart?
EMF BLACK: I actually live what I talk about in real life……I feel all these artist talking about who they shot, what packs they’re moving, or whatever is doing nothing but snitching on themselves causing heat for their career…..the powers that be aren’t really interested in that in the long run so I make music for the world to relate to and move too off of my life experiences.

4. Tell us something you enjoy doing [besides music] that most people don’t know.
EMF BLACK: Being a father to my 3 daughters making sure they are getting what they need in this life…..knowledge of self and what it takes to be a King to a Queen.

5. Currently, what project or single are you working on or pushing & where can we find it?
EMF BLACK: I just released my single “Staring at the Sky” featuring Nicole McClair-Lewis avail worldwide on all digital networks. I’m setting up to drop my EP “When it hurts so BaD” for the spring time…..I want the let the world hear my experiences in the most respectful way.

6. What’s been the most memorable moment so far in your music career?
EMF BLACK: Winning awards and being nominated for awards and going on a couple tours to expand my brand.

7. What are your goals musically for 2016?
EMF BLACK: To speak the truth to the young black youth!

8. What’s your definition of GRYND?
EMF BLACK: Sacrificing it all to accomplish all goals in life.

9. Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]

10. What words would you like to leave us with? Any Shout Outs?​
EMF BLACK: Make the best of each moment in life for you never know when it will be your last…..
I wanna shout out my team JADAS Recordings, Don Q, AMBAK MUZIK, TOMMY 2 FACE, STRIFE, Eddy Rodriguez, Born Production, my family Mama BLIZZY (I love you to death Mommy aka the hype woman alive when I’m on stage), my daughters Syerra, Kayla, and Jayda, SIP my son Donte’ Keanu Williams aka DKW, my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, MIND SPOTT DOT COM, to all the DJ’s who support me in my journey, radio shows, all my fans and supporters, Ms. Diva Tete, Daja’ G., Dashawn G. (One of the best photographers in the world), to my father who taught me to never be like him cause he’s full of shit, Sakeya J., Sydo, Shok Tha world, Secret Hyms, whom ever I forgot don’t take it personal I’m human much love though…..most importantly my lord and survivor

Tampa Mystic

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