NEW DJ SALUTE Feat- DJ Ms.Hypnotique @DJMsHypnotique

What words describe someone so full of life? DJ Ms.Hypnotique or “Hypnotique” as some call her is a small, vibrant, little woman from Memphis, TN. Not like your average southern woman though. Many seem to think she’s from anywhere but the M-Town!! Hypnotique was created in late 2008, when “Dymond” …

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The Grynd Report Sits down With OBA$ @OBAS_247

What’s good O.B.A.$, for those new to the name, what’s the story behind it? Peace! Grinding my man, thanks. O.B.A.$. is an acronym for Only Brothas And Sistas. I fell in love with idea of acronym with words back when I heard the Late Great Tupac Album, “Strictly 4 My …

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