The Grynd Report reviews Divine Suns Project “All is Well” @DivineSunsMusic

During the course of the last week we had the opportunity to listen to a project titled “All is Well” by rappers Divine Suns. When listening to this project the first impression you get is conscience, Gospel and truthful rap. This 13 track project start’s off with the title song All is Well where we break down each song one by one.

All is Well– telling a story about life from personal experiences, being able to deal with the pain and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Great Production and Clarity, along with Song structure. All is Well is the reality that tells you no matter what your going through you will get through it.

World Gone Strange– Imagine finally understanding the truth behind what you see on TV, Social Media, etc. Everything from the current President of US to the state of music. Urging you to think smart while understanding racism is still alive. “What a time to be Alive the worlds gone strange, we must adapt to the change”.

Intuitive Maneuvers– Only a couple words can describe this song. Lyrical Combat and for most of the song you hear back to back witty flows but not everyone can keep up in our opinion. Overall the production of this song is strong and the structure of the song is solid.

Faith it to Make it– From a conscience stand point don’t listen to the flow listen to the story. From the first listen you may think what is this, but look pass what you want to hear lyrically and listen to the structure of the song. Faith it to Make it tells a story about grynding, never give up, bet on yourself. We consider this one of the better songs on the full project but it will require a grown way of thinking to understand it.

To Be A King– Very Dope track about today’s issues and what it really means to be a King. What its like to grow up black, while not giving up on your dreams or faith. We get the Chorus but feel it can be mixed better but looking pass that you have a good structured song.

Beautiful Journey– Great Production, follows the structure of the project by continued education about current issues. This differs from the other by explaining in detail each artist journey to where they are now. The name is self explanatory and like the song no chorus is needed.

You don’t know Love– With this song to be completely honest at the start it sounds like a bunch a dudes attempting to say the chorus at one time with no practice or plan. Safe to say we feel this wasn’t executed well. If your listening for the first time you probably would of skipped this track but if you get to the verses you understand the song is focus on real love between two people from sacrifices, to agreements and compromises, having each other backs. Overall it’s an OK track if your listening for what is being said not what you want to hear.

Lost– In Lost over a very old school feel beat, GOD is the focal point of this song. Each verse tells a different song of struggle and pain. We really like this track.

Reign– First let us say that the Chorus automatically tells us it should be a single. Instant grabber. Instant radio feel. Digging deeper each verse focuses on the artist growth all the way to what they want their children to achieve. Life is a burden but the point is to get through it so their children won’t have to. “Open your mind and go for what you know what’s right”. If there is a song on this project that should be a single this is the one.

Days– Great uptempo song about communication between each other. You will come across bad days but there will be more good. “Never say Never cause never is forever”. Celebrate your small and big victories. Another Single Potential.

Measure of a Man– What makes a real man, each artist gives their own definition. Each has their own vision of what that is. But all understand one thing and that it takes growth. Great song, Great Production, Great Execution.

Back to the Strip– This one takes it back to the school lunch tables where you mix banging on the tables and Dougie Fresh beat box flow. Back to back flows like a battle taking back to the Cypher, well in their case “Back to the Strip”.

Justified Means– Great beat production, Mix is solid, Lyrics very official. To dig deeper it talks about what you should be chasing instead what you shouldn’t. Addicted to the wrong life, making the wrong decisions, but finally understanding the wrongs in order to make smarter decisions.

Overall Divine Suns “All is Well” is a good body of work. There is room for production and mixing improvements and from the outside looking in I would remove the “You don’t know love” song. In our opinion “Reign” should be the single to push with a great video followed by Days as their second single. This project is not for the young minded looking for hardcore, litty dabbing songs. This is for the conscience, God fearing, grown person looking to listen to something that can help them in life situations. Divine Suns achieved one thing, that no matter what happens in your life “All is Well”.

Written by

Shah Cypha Co-Ceo The Grynd Report

Listen on your own and get change to weigh in on your feel for the project