“iLLne$$: Southern Jersey’s Rising Rap Phenom Bringing Versatility and Punchlines

iLLne$$, representing the vibrant rap scene of Southern Jersey, is making waves with his dynamic style and relentless flow. Hailing from New Jersey Southern/Middlesex County, iLLne$$ immersed himself in rap from an early age, drawing inspiration from both the classics and contemporary sounds.

Having delved into music seriously around 2019-2020, iLLne$$’s journey has been fueled by a passion for the art form. He credits his upbringing around rap music and a diverse range of influences, from Eminem to Lil Wayne, for shaping his versatile approach to the craft.

Proudly affiliated with the group and brand ATB THE FRANCHIZE, alongside members SB Buckz and Mar, iLLne$$ has been a consistent presence in the scene, dropping EPs, projects, and content over the years. His style is characterized by hard-hitting beats, witty punchlines, and unpredictable rhyme schemes that keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Now, iLLne$$ is gearing up to unleash his latest project, “S!N,” set to drop on St. Patrick’s Day. Promising more of his signature crazy punchlines, wild bars, and unpredictable rhyme schemes, this project is poised to solidify his status as one of Jersey’s finest.


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