The Grynd Report interviews with New York’s Own Elijah Dai @iamelijahdai

Q- Elijah Dai, welcome to the Grynd report! Give is some background on who you are, where you are from and what it is that you do.

A- Grynd Report, first off appreciate you guys having me. My name is Elijah Dai, I’m from Far Rockaway, NY. I am a singer, songwriter, producer and more.

Q- Who are some of your musical influences and why?

A- Some of my musical influences include : Jon Bellion, HER , Jonas Brothers , Justin Bieber , Frank Ocean. There’s a few more, but they all have some influence on my sound and my creative choices.

Q- We have posted your videos and content in the past and noticed you recently went through a rebranding. What was the thought process, reasoning and approach to the new you?

A- I appreciate you guys supporting since before the rebrand, but the rebrand was really a plan of mine years ago, that I kind of let go and never revisited again, until recently. I was growing not only as an artist but also as a person and I started to realize my purpose in all of this, but in order to live in that purpose through artistry I wanted to rebrand and change my artist name to my actual birth name, to just be an example and representation of the messages I plan to push to the world (confidence, self love..etc)

Q- You came out the gate swinging in May with Full music videos, curated content, lyric videos, behind the scene pictures and videos and have seemed super consistent on your socials. Why is it so important for a new artist like your self to stay on his A Game socially and provide the people with content to absorb?

A- I honestly believe we are in a short attention span industry right now. Meaning there’s so many artist in the world and so easy to access entertainment from ALL OVER THE WORLD, through social media, that as a new and up coming artist, you kind of have to be so consistent and stay active so that your fans and supporters have a reason to keep coming back to your page.

Q- Your first major release on the year was an uptempo pop record called ‘Somebody to Love’, the video was fire and I dont think the average fan expected a pop song from you. Whats the significance of showing diversity within your music at this stage of your career?

A- Thank you! Believe it or not. Pop is home for me! Those are the type of records that Elijah Dai will be giving to the world! Feel good records. I’m all about making records I feel great about, no matter the genre. It all plays a part in the rebrand and being “The Koolest”. I’m comfortable with who I am and confident in what I do. So I’m unafraid to show the world that a young kid from the streets of Far Rockaway NY can make pop music, as well as r&b and any other genre I choose to do.

Q- You recently dropped a sexy ballad called ‘The Falling’, in the song you seem to admit you aren’t over your ex but cant seem to let go. When you wrote this was there anything that sparked your creative approach and do you normally write from experience or feelings you have on the daily?

A- The Falling is a song I think almost everyone can relate to. As far as accepting that the end of a relationship is here but at the same time not ready to let go. So I think naturally this song just came from a place of experience.

Q-I heard you have another single dropping August 13th, whats it called? whats the concept? and what do you want fans to take away after listening?

A- I don’t want to speak to much about it. But I will say, this will be another head turn type of record. A record that’s different from the others and a more deeper concept.

Q- Whats next for Elijah Dai?

A- Ahh man, SOOO MUCH MORE TO COME! I’m really super excited for the things we have coming up. New music, new content, new visuals..etc.

Q- Where can we find you online?

A- You can find me on any social media platform @iamelijahdai

Q- Any last shout outs?

A- Yes, shout out to my fans, my supporters!! And super shout out to my team! My managers O and Hatch! I’m grateful for them and look forward to what’s to come!

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