The Grynd Report interviews IcyLabel&Productions

What’s going on IcyLabel&Productions? Please introduce yourself to our readers.
What’s goody! We are young independent label that’s always looking for artists.

When and how did your label come about?
I realized that I needed a company that would make money so I seen that a label would make money so once I heard That song So icy by Gucci Mane I named the label.

What type of projects or campaigns have or are you working on?
We even working with young artists from New Jersey Justwubbzy last year we ready enjoyed the studio work and the hold project have not got done yet but we still working though.
We also been work the streets looking for new talent for our label and we have found two more young artists Ledyi slimm from nyc and Realhoodierayy from New Jersey who under a management deal with our company That we looking to complete two projects by the end of the year .

What does it take for an artist or producer to get involved with your label?
A contract! Lol lol well you know we have to talk business and that’s what It takes.
We look at the numbers and their work hip hop beats and lyrics is a big thing

Who is currently under your management?

What are some of the visions you have for your label in the coming months?
Well we been networking with other business trying to create a company small business union where companies could come together to create events for artists and videoshoots and photoshoots Etc. for them.

What’s the next thing we can expect from you?
More promotions because the more we shine it be seen and read about the more you can know about us.
We are looking to do shows and meet with other company’s for business in nyc and outside the state
We are also looking to sign a good artist that could do hip hop and trap music that can hold the crowd work work.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. Website

Any S/O’s?
We want to give a shout to all that in the music industry and to all that have done music for our label.

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