New Interview Exclusive with B.Ankha

Thank You for spending time with The Grynd Report. At this point of your career would you say you are thriving or surviving and why?

At this point of my career, I truly do feel I am thriving and surviving. I say both because it takes survival to thrive through this type of industry. There will be days you get the best news ever and days you get the worst news ever, days you have writers block, lose your voice , etc. you need survival to thrive I feel and at this point I am had my fair share of surviving by being consistent and thriving from that consistency STANDING OUT!

Describe what it was like growing up in the city that created Hip Hop The Bronx?

Growing up in The Bronx was literally a melting pot. I grew up seeing so much culture and the good and bad, I feel it made me into the sassy, fierce, thick skinned, down to earth human I am. I got to see the heart of Hip Hop right in my hometown. I feel Hip Hop in the Bronx is also what molded my style of writing where you will get some bars in a sweet melodic tone.

Being an R&B artist is different from other artists that came from your city. What was the catalyst that inspired you in the music business?

There were actually two catalysts that inspired me. One was Keyshia Cole “The way it is” and Jazmine Sullivan “Fearless.” I feel like I got the soul from both vocalists, but each catalyst gave me something different. Keyshia gave me core Rnb and Jazmine gave me soulful, jazz, and hip hop all in one! This is in me!

Your latest single Mind Games is a great record. What inspired the concept behind that song?

What inspired Mind Games was honestly a true situation. We all go through times where we feel manipulated or like our mind is being toyed with. I was literally finishing a conversation where I had to explain the indirect manipulation I felt and explain further by putting the pen to the pad. This was the best way I could express the situation to the other person involved and for the listeners to relate.

How Would You describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I would describe my music as a soulful bop. I chose these words because you hear the soul in my voice in most if not all my tracks, but I also still have that gritty Bronx in me where I want to create vibes and bops for any scenario or situation. When people hear my music, they feel good, they feel heard & understood.

Management in this business is important to navigate you in the right direction. How does your current management inspire you to make the best choices?

I honestly love my new co management from Jason Hatch and Elus a.k.a The Kind Genius. I have a clear balance of business and sound. I get to be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge Elus pours into me on sonics and sound while Hatch organizes my life to the T! I couldn’t be more blessed to be surrounded by nothing short of greatness. They are both seasoned, and we have a great trust system that organically sprouted so I am in an honest state of balance. They make sure I am good at all times even as a female in this industry.

Who would you say influenced your music style and why?

I would say there’s a couple who influenced my style. Firstly, Jazmine Sullivan and Kehlani as far as have versatile strong vocals and sound. Secondly, I would say Tink and Eminem as far as the word okay and flows. Some of these might be odd but I had so many music lovers around me, that I truly was open to A LOT! one of my favorite movies is 8 mile due to the punch lines Eminem had which I felt Tink also sneaks into her music with such a soft sound. I took the creative time to just mold myself through all of those pieces I loved to create my sound.

What is your definition of Grynd?

My definition of Grynd is that ladder to the top. What did you do to reach your goal? How did you get there? Were you consistent? Was it intentional? That motion throughout the journey is my definition of Grynd!

What can we expect from B.Ankha in the future?

In the future you can definitely expect a polished album with an amazing roll out and possibly a Tour! Not too much on me but stay in tune with all things B.Ankha.

Any Shoutouts?

I would love to shout out my team of in-house producers, HAYSUSE , Turbo & D Dave. Thank you, guys, so much for helping these visions come to life. I also want to Thank my management Jason Hatch & The Kind Genius for holding me down and truly believing in the movement. I want to thank my supporters for always showing me love and continuing to support. Lastly Thank you GRYND for having me!


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