New Grynd Exclusive Interview with DJ Ski Weezy @DjSkiWeezy

1. DJ SKI Weezy, thanks for spending time with us. Tell us how you got involved in the music business?

I started off selling music CDs throughout my entire 4 years of high school, and I even was selling a lot of music to other DJS. I always liked listening to K97 late at night when they went Live form the clubs when Dj Howard W was spinning and Hypo was on the mic. That really got me into djing.

2. Where are you from and what was life like growing up in your city?

Small town called Whiteville,TN. Very country town but I loved it. Slow moving town but I made the best of it til I went away to college.

3. What is the music scene like in your city?

Jackson’s music scene is growing more every year. I’ve witnessed artists put their heart into the music industry. Some flopped and some still are pushing forward. It’s very overlooked but I’m working on helping it grow.

4. Being a DJ is one of the most crucial positions in music. Explain what it takes to truly be a great DJ is this business?

Breaking new artists in one of the main parts of being great in the business, in my opinion. Helping upcoming artists and building with them.

5. Not only are you a DJ but you also dive into Graphics creation. How did you get involved in creating graphics?

I always had a passion for graphic design since I was in high school. In my keyboarding class i would play around on photoshop and create artwork. I never took it serious, but once I was in college, I started to notice that my work was better than some “pro” designers and it drove me to pursue a new lane.

6. Who are some of your influences in the music business?

Howard Q. Hypo (RIP). My cousin dad was a dj as well Dj Hollywood. And my mentor DJ Pat.

7. What is Weezy Nation and who else is involved in this venture?

It’s umbrella to my dj service, Graphic design business, promotion, and all services I offer. It has grown over the years. I am the owner and operator of it.

8. What is your definition of Grynd?

To me it means to break barriers and do things to make you stand out from others. Staying in your own lane, and staying down and working until you see positive results.

9. What advice would you give to other up and coming DJ’s looking to get in this business?

Just brand yourself. Your brand says a lot about you. Make your brand say “BookMe”

10. Where can we find you on social media?

Find me on all social networking @DjSkiWeezy

11. Any Shout outs?

Yes. My mother who invested a tremendous a lot of money into my career. My sister Seirra for always staying by my side thru ups and downs. My stepbrother for always riding and coming to all my shows. And of course God.


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