Kevin Crown focus and determined to embody greatness.

In the entertainment business it’s important to understand the audience you are trying to impact and gain attention from. Trial and error are part of the process of development and struggle is the forefront as you pave your way to success. Overnight success requires years of sacrifice, networking requires interaction with people and greatness requires extreme focus and determination. If you already understood these words before actually reading them, then you are the top 1% of people that destroyed the assignment.

In comes Kevin Crown a DJ, artist, Entrepreneur, Father, Husband, and most of all a man who has put everything on his back to achieve the things necessary to ensure his family is secure and his brand is recognized everywhere he goes. Taking over crowds and venues within the Caribbean scene, making dancers show off and inspiring non dancers to move their bodies has put him at the top of the must book list.

Recently he interviewed with Shah Cypha during the “On The Grynd Live” podcast where he talked about where life for him began in music, how his struggles and tribulations forced him into life changing decisions and how important his support system was in the transition to going all in with his craft. As an entertainer he provides a vibe, emotions, feelings that make people want more. The sacrifices he makes especially for his family is never taken lightly but understood in order to provide the life they deserve.

Detailing his story is one for an incredible bio pic and grynding is his core that is demonstrated in his work ethic. We can spend time telling you his story but there is nothing like the author telling it himself. Tune in to Kevin Crown a king before the term/title became popular to call a man.


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