God Damn! Paula gave birth to a chosen Prince and he has Loyalty, Royalty and Heritage in his DNA. by @tilsawright

June 17th, 1987 and just another day in the systematic hood of Compton California. Stretched out on the park bench feeling contractions, Paula feverishly screamed for help. “Somebody, any motherfucking body, please call the ambulance!” A young lady stood about a block away from her, popping gum and was looking out for the OC’s. Turned her head around towards Paula’s direction, after hearing her echoing plea. Paula’s cry now became her focus, she rushed over to her aide.

“Shit! She’s pregnant and her water broke!” The young mother said in complete shock. “Hang tight I am going to ask that brother over there for help. You see my phone dead, the Government check running late this month…” Paula interrupted her. “Bitch go get help, call the motherfucking ambulance! My God blessed chosen child is coming!”

“ Amen sistah! I hear you.” The young lady ran off for help and approached a man sipping his brown paper bag. “Drinker, let me hold your government phone.” He was nice and not at kite levels yet. “For what? You ain’t going to call your dealer on my phone trick.” She snatched his phone from his shirt pocket. “Gimme this jack you ass!”

Running back over to Paula as she spoke to the 911 dispatcher, Drinker chased behind her. She comforted Paula and assured her that help is on the way. Drinker recognized Paula and yells out. “Oh shit that’s Duckie’s baby mother!”

The above is 100% creative writing from my twisted mind, I was inspired to exercise my skills here. Facts are, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is chosen and has a gift to tell stories, entertain and bring listeners to social consciousness. On April 14th, 2017 the world was gifted with an album from the genius. ‘DAMN’ is a must have! No hype to my pitch here people. I am not an overweight sales lady trying to increase my commission check, just to buy a double whoppers and Layne Bryant. Hell to the NO!

Let me get down to the meat of this Damn-14 tracks of composition, poetic creativity and revolutionary mind blowing lyrics.

FEAR- covers 10 years increments of life. At ages 7, 17 and 27. It does somewhat reminds me of the flick ‘Boyz N the Hood’ to an extent. With a mix of biblical references, sexual explicits and fear of death by default. The other fraction spells out a mother’s frustration towards her 7 year old child. The other aspect of Kendrick’s fear of losing his creativity, wealth and message, as oppose to producing another rap generic album.

GOD- ever since a young man all he wanted to be was a gunman. No, please don’t judge him because his mama caught him with a strap on. Lol, nah folks, all I would like you to do is visual this song and humor yourself a bit. Kendrick is absolutely great at what he does, proven many times over.

I will conclude with LUST. A slick way to ask, let me put the head in? Then there’s description of a lazy, unproductive cycle. Waking up dreaming about money and doing stigma shit, hoping to get up out this mouse trap. Which is kind of difficult, thanks to them Government cheese, hamster wheels, section 8 and food stamp.

God Damn! Whatever Kendrick be smoking to inspire his halo writing, he needs to share with us black folks. Right about now, I am space orbit high and want what’s in his DNA, to be in mine!

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