Keen Streetz is ‘From Nothing’ heading to the Roc- Hopefully Rocnation! Just saying @tilsawright @keenstreetz

Keen Streetz is ‘From Nothing’ heading to the Roc- Hopefully Rocnation! Just saying…
By Tilsa Wright

September 29th, a day I will never forget. After meeting Casanova, Mr. 2X for the very first time at Tom Dick and Harry Retail store, around 6 pm, I hopped on the bus and journeyed to Milk River. My feet was killing me but I had to attend Ace General Showcase, which Hot 97’s Funk Flex was making an appearance. So of course my anxious butt was super early. I got there 9pm which gave me the opportunity to charge my phone and prepare to watch underground acts perform for Funk Flex.

You already know how events have minor hiccups, so what, I waited patiently and discovered a gem for sure. Mind you, he was under a rock in my opinion. The irony is, Keen Streetz lives in Far Rockaway. Hold up, remember I have stated in numerous articles, I Tilsa Wright, is a new kid to underground talents and so don’t beat me up. Lol. On a serious note and I need you to dead ass believe me, 90% of the audience was from Far Rockaway. After Keen and his crew finished their set, about 20 minutes in length, the crowd exited screaming “Keen Streetz, Far Roc in the building!” When I tell you Far Roc has Keen’s back, it reminded me of how Bed-Stuy holds down Hov and Biggie. Real heavy like a winter coat son!

Ok, take heed and stop reading this article and pick your phone or tablet up. No questions needed, just do it like Nike’. I want you to download Keen Streetz EP titled ‘From Nothing’. Yep, pure fire and keep soaking up the beats and lyrics because for the past few days, Flex has been rotating Keenz song hard!