The Grynd Report Reviews Silence of the Lames 1.5 by Eaz @wsgeaz32

When you think of Philadelphia rappers you may say Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Meek Mill to name a few. Going forward make sure you add Eaz to your list.

Recently The Grynd Report had the opportunity to listen to his latest project titled Silence of The Lames 1.5. The cover resembles what you seen on Hannibal Lecter’s face and the content of the project is a movie and soundtrack to deep parts of Eaz life.

Throughout the 8 track project there are different skits from various movies (I won’t mention but its a must listen) that tie into each song. Eaz talks about his struggle through life, time he faced in jail and what is most important to him. Each track has its own Identity and brings to life a vision only strong people can handle.

Silence of the Lames 1.5 is real talk, real pain, real struggle, relatable, and most of all it speaks to what Philly sound has consistently done, stayed true to the rap culture.

If we had to pick a favorite song we would chose D.O.C. The whole project is official in our eyes. It’s a must listen.

The Grynd Report