The Grynd Report Exclusive interview w/ Breezy Says! @IamBreezySays


1. What’s going on Breezy, please introduce yourself to The Grynd Report.
I am Breezy Says…mother, daughter, and an entrepreneur.

2. Tell us how you came up with the name ‘Breezy Says’.
I talk a lot and sometimes those things I SAY make people think and/or laugh. Breezy was a childhood nickname and so we just put that together LOL…

3. You offer many services for independent artists, talk to us about some of the things your company offers.
We offer branding services, marketing, blogs, promo runs, record servicing, writing services and much more. Basically, if you need it done, we will help you get it done.

4. You play a very prominent roll with Team Bigga Rankin, tell us how you linked up with the OG?
I was already promoting and running my own company when Kingpin saw something special in me…I guess the GRYND stood out and he made me a part of Team Bigga Rankin. After a few months Bigga Rankin called me personal and offered me a job working directly for him.

5. With you residing in Brazil, what are some pro’s & con’s of being located in a different country while running your business that has many clients located in the U.S..
Some of the pro’s are the fact that I am inaccessible to everyone and that is also the con. Being outside makes it hard to do business with some, which is OK with me. I never wanted to be a person-to-person marketing professional…I want to build campaigns, analyze numbers, and more or less be behind the scenes; which because of my location forces it to be so.

6. You work with indie artists daily, what are some of the things you look for in an artist prior to stamping your brand on them and helping push their movement?
An artist has to first communicate with my properly. I look for artists whom are serious about their goals bc I’m very serious about mine and I try to look for artists who plan on being around for a while. I also need artists to be aware that their budget determines how far I can take them. It sucks that people think we are all money hungry, when the truth is I’m not trying to sell dreams, I am selling services though. This is a business and if you don’t understand that, we really won’t go far.

7. What can we catch Breezy doing in your free time?
Catching up on my TV shows LOL…I hardly have time to watch anything live and so my DVR is full of hours of unwatched TV series.

8. What’s your definition of GRYND?
My definition of GRYND is not letting anything or anyone stand in your way of achieving your goals. Getting up everyday and going after your goals regardless of all the circumstances that may arise.

9. Tell us where we can find you? [Social media, website, booking etc]
Twitter: IamBreezySays
IG: DaQueenBreeze

10. Any last words or shout outs?
I’d like to shout out everyone that has believed in me, pushed me, and motivates me to get up and GRYND. I’d like to shout out my Cool Running DJS / Team Bigga Rankin family. My close friends, mom, dad, son, and of course GOD!

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