Who’s Crippin in Brooklyn? OG Marlyn Monrollup Naturally! By Tilsa Wright @tilsawright

Who’s Crippin in Brooklyn? OG Marlyn Monrollup Naturally! By Tilsa Wright

“Ayo Skip how come you ain’t tell me about this hot joint from New York?”
“Son it is 3AM out here! You West Coast wiz-head have no respect for time zones!”

“F2#k that yapping wacking! Skip go download ‘Blues Clues’ joint, shorty from Brooklyn have us out here pumping and puffing!”

“Give me a second cuz, because you bugging my phone worse than the Feds”
“Whatever Skip, just make sure OG Marlyn Monrollup song hit the streets like tsunami, you hurrd!

On the real I wanted to start this article a little different and what other way to do so. Based on OG’s social media, the West Coast officials, like Nipsey and Perico are cracking to her music. And with that said allow me to protect my addiction to music ass from any miscommunication.

I Tilsa disclaims, I am a civilian who is fascinated with Hip-hop and religiously stream or purchase music weekly. Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you ‘Who’s Crippin in Brooklyn’. Well actually my opinion.
I am familiar with a few blues thanks to instagram and I love both their grind and sound. Top of my Brooklyn list is OG Marlyn Monrollup. And why? Let’s just say you need to follow her on social media.
Back in September a 1 minute snip of her single ‘Blues Clues’ was on my Instagram timeline, thanks to Ace General who was having her perform at his September showcase. So I was like who is this! She is so bold with her colors, finger signs and straight up confident. Marlyn’s presence was compelling, I started digging for more information about this OG sistah.

Marlyn is first generation American with Trinidadian parentage. She attended BMCC and majored in the Liberal Arts. When I asked her, why she chose the Crip lifestyle? She kept it real. “I Turned crip simply as a product of my environment. A lot of people I looked up to were crip and spoke so highly of the set, a lot of their mannerisms already mimicked what I was being taught at home. My parents are strict so for a while they didn’t know and once they found out they were upset because at the time I was always in trouble but they’ve grown to accept and understand my reasoning.”

Most people define OG as Original Gangster however what does this mean for you? “I go by OG because of my mannerisms. An OG is gangsta, not meaning that u kill people and all the other stereotypes, but how you handle situations. It’s not always about you and your feeling but more about self-control and strength. I also adopted this name because I was frequently the “Only Girl” amongst my friends.”

What was the inspiration behind ‘Blue Clues’ and did you expect such a great response? “Blues Clues came about because I loved Cardi’s Bodak Yellow song however I refused to say the ‘red bottom’ lyric lol. I was actually at the dentist, high as hell off anesthesia and woke up singing my own version. My boyfriend recorded videos of me singing it and I posted it to my Instagram. Everyone thought it was hilarious and suggested I do the song. So I did a few weeks later when my face swelling went down and released it on 8/23 gstone get straight day & it went flyinnggggg. I definitely did not expect the kind of feedback I was getting. I knew my set would love it but it ended up going viral!”

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