Welsh Da God From OnthesceneNY Sits Down With Atlanta Upcoming Artist Maxamillion

“Jamaican artist Maxamillion see that there’s a Purpose 4 this Process”

Welsh Da God – Peace King Welsh Da God how are you?

greetings bless up my youth I’m fine how are you

Welsh Da God – Chillin Chillin What City are you located in now? whats the scene out there?

I’m located in Jonesboro , GA Clayton County. It’s on the south side of Atlanta. lol nothing but some scamming and trapping ?

Welsh Da God – Your from Yard? Countryside or City?

yea my yard I consider countryside

Welsh Da God – Im jamaican as well i was born over here but the roots deep on the jamaican side.

Awwwwe man greeting star wah gwan wah ya day pon ??

Welsh Da God -How many years did you spend in Jamaica before coming to America?

I spent 5 years I was about to turn 6 when I came to the United State

Welsh Da God -How did you come up with the name Maxamillion?

I came up with the name max amillion because I was in love with the movie goof troop n his son was really cool lol. His name was Maxamillion.

Welsh Da God -Your manager Principal Porcha , told us you play multiple instruments, is that true? If so which ones ?

Yea I do play Several instruments I play the piano drums guitar violin cello and the xylophone.

Welsh Da God – Who were your biggest musical influences coming up?

My biggest influences were young thug , Michael Jackson , John legend and the Temptations.

Welsh Da God – I see you got into some legal troubles & did a little bid. How many songs you recorded that you written while Lock up ?

I have recorded maybe 30 out of 400 songs I really want to wait to I create a buzz to drop the heat.

Welsh Da God – Describe Your music ? Your Trap ? lyrical hiphop? reggae? Talk to me.

My music is more so kinda trap soul but I also do reggae and other genres

Welsh Da God -Before You go give the people your social media handle so they can tap in with you.

Yea make sure you guys follow me on Ig: bigmax_amillion and my Facebook trey silik

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