We tuned into David Victor, African American music artist and vocal coach are you?

David Victor, 35, is a New York based African American music artist and vocal coach. He has been dedicated to his musical practice for over twenty-five years. He had the benefit of growing up in the church which planted him in a loving environment where he could develop his gift and style at a young age. He began to dream of becoming a professional music artist after accepting an invitation to a Grammy conference at the age of fifteen. He caught the attention of Desmond Child, one of the conference panelists who was impressed with David’s youthfulness and skill. David is dedicated to creating impactful and aesthetically pleasing music. His unique tone and professionalism has opened the doors to notable opportunities in the field.

David has worked closely with and sang backup for world renowned artists including Chrisette Michele and Donnie McClurkin to name a few. In 2012, he graced the stage of the Barclays Center with living legends such Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown and Jay-z. As a vocal coach, he has worked with two contestants of McDonald’s gospel fest 2011. He acted as the praise and worship leader of Perfecting Faith Ministries for over ten years. In order to support his musical practice and wife and son, David works at Rising Ground. He counsels young court-involved men and prepares them for re-entry into society after incarceration.

David has a deep love, understanding and appreciation for music. His powerful and distinctive tone shares narratives of his lived experiences and the experiences of those near and dear to him. David Victor has one of the most dynamic sounds of this generation. It is piercing, it is dividing and it calls for attention. Within thirty seconds you will be completely still, captivated and wanting to hear, feel, and learn more from his voice.


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