Video: ADott Sosa feat Don Finesse “Traphouse” (G-Mix)


Birth name Anthony Ghee Rap, ADott Sosa is an East New York based aspiring artist and fashion designer representing the Smack City brand. A Dott got his start learning the ropes from his step dad DJ Slim Black who was a popular DJ during the Golden era of Hip Hop. After undergoing a crash course in Hip Hop, A Dott took to writing his own songs wanting nothing more than to leave his mark on the music business.

“I want to perform worldwide and reach people. I am here to let young people know that I understand their emotions. We as people go through so much on a daily basis and its always good to be use your fortitude and chase your dreams.”


Popular A Dot songs include Trap House (GMix) which has amassed over 10K+ views on YouTube as well as his new release, Shake Dat Ass feat. PXP. With performances at NYC hot spot Milk River, A Dott has also used the open mic grind to try out new music and build with new fans and other potential collaborators.



“My best asset is my perseverance. I do not accept fail. I feel as though I can accomplish anything by working hard. I started from scratch, building my own empire from the bottom with very little support. My wife has been my biggest supporter. She never allows me to doubt or give in. Her grind pushes me to stay on top of mine. She always told me I was creative.”


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