Tracy – Broken Record

Friends come together over mutual heartbreak experiences;
prepare to release new EP ‘Dear Diary’

LOS ANGELES, CA – There are thousands of women in the world who have experienced heartbreak and pain. LA-based friends Necia and Sabree are no exception. After years of singing in groups and whirlwind relationships, the two have come together to form a duo with the intention of creating music that will help women who have experienced similar life struggles. And their collaboration lives under the alter-ego Tracy.

“Tracy is a name and an identity that encapsulates this whole idea,” Sabree said. “We are both individuals, but our experiences are the same and we know that there are other women out there who feel the same. As we began to talk about these things, we thought about labeling this as a person who has been through all of these things. So Tracy represents a strong, independent woman. She’s highly sophisticated, highly beautiful and carries herself classy and strong. But the secret behind her is that she’s actually broken.”

Tracy will make her debut later this fall when the duo releases its first EP “Dear Diary.” It’s an eight-song project that Sabree said will explore heartbreak – not just the idea of being hurt, but the deep pains that can often last for a lifetime and that stem from poor relationships. So many women around the world deal with low self-esteem and identity issues because of experiences like this, and Tracy will speak directly to those women through music.

“We hope that women out there will hear the music and understand that they are Tracy, too, Sabree said. “We want them to hear the music and admit that they were Tracy, and now they’re whole and complete because that music has got them through it. The music makes them face the truth.”

The first single from the EP is called “Broken Record,” and is already available on all digital download platforms. The song details a situation in which you’ve given a person multiple second chances in a relationship, to the point that their apologies and mistakes begin to sound like a broken record. Sometimes we let that broken record to keep playing for so long in our lives that it leaves deep and lasting scars. But Sabree and Necia want those who hear their music to know that if they can overcome those experiences, others can, too.

It’s been quite a journey for the two friends. First meeting in college, the two bonded over a mutual love for dance and music. As they pursued their passions together, they eventually formed a group that for many years toured dancing and singing all across the country. After the group disbanded the friends stepped away from music for awhile, but their shared experiences with heartbreak eventually brought them back together and they decided to create Tracy. And as they prepare to launch their first EP, they know that their many years of experience in the business – including appearances on television and multiple stage performances – will give them an advantage as they grow their fanbase.

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