Rising from the Ashes: MCVEE’s Anthem of Ambition in “I Gotta Get It”

Released on December 17, 2023, the latest single “I Gotta Get It” from Winston-Salem’s very own MCVEE stands out as a compelling narrative of grit and perseverance. Produced by Freddie Crookz and engineered by Dreez, the track resonates with the raw energy and ambition that mirrors the bustling life of its urban backdrop.

The heart of “I Gotta Get It” lies in its authentic reflection of the struggles faced by many who aim to carve a niche for themselves in a harsh, competitive world. MCVEE’s lyrics delve deep into themes of hustling and working relentlessly. He paints a vivid picture of the daily grind, overcoming obstacles, and the burning desire to succeed against all odds. This song isn’t just music—it’s a rallying cry for those fighting to make a name for themselves, to make a better life beyond the confines of their beginnings.

MCVEE’s storytelling is poignant—each verse encapsulates the essence of striving for a dream while tethered to the gritty realities of an unforgiving environment. His music does more than entertain; it inspires and connects with listeners who see their own battles reflected in his words.

“I Gotta Get It” is more than a song. It’s an experience, a journey of someone refusing to be defined by their circumstances but instead, defining their path with unwavering ambition and relentless effort. It’s a testament to the spirit of a generation that refuses to settle, aiming not just to rise but to soar globally.

For those from Winston-Salem and similar locales, MCVEE’s voice rings particularly true. It’s a voice for the unseen, the unheard, and the undeterred. This track is an invitation to join him on a quest not just for success, but for significance—on a stage as vast as the world itself.


STREAM THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE HERE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB2vcRlzdPk


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