Quey – Good Day (GVO)

Fusion of Miami and Houston sounds come together on new album from Hip Hop star Quey 

HOUSTON, TX – Miami-based high-energy vibes combine with a down South feel for a truly original sound from up-and-coming artist Quey. Hailing from Houston, this seasoned rapper is releasing his third album “MIA 2 H-Town” on Sept. 11. The project’s 10 songs will not only feature Quey’s signature sound but also examine the various cultures and lifestyles of people living in both Miami and Houston.  

“I’m from Miami and now I’m starting a life in Houston, so in a lot of ways, it’s an album that’s very personal,” Quey said. “I did that on purpose because I wanted people to get to know something about me. But I also wanted to bring that Miami-type music with high energy, which is the style of music I’m known for. I like to bring the complete package with a powerful delivery. I like to use a lot of metaphors and lyricism. Hip Hop is storytelling and being able to say things without actually saying things, which means you have to do it in a clever way. I do that with a unique delivery. Nobody delivers a sound the way I do. The way I read beats and flow on them is like nothing else out there right now.” 

The debut single from the project, “Good Day (GVO)” is a perfect example of Quey’s signature style. The term Good Vibes Only was invented in Miami and indicates an atmosphere that’s described by its name. Quey uses a sample from Ice Cube’s hit song “Good Day” for his own version of the single. Pairing with Miami producer Rippa on the Beat, Quey tells a simple tale of a good day in Miami, all with an upbeat energy that is perfect for partying and turning up on South Beach.  

“I’m basically doing the same thing Ice Cube did but with a modern-day twist,” Quey said. “He’s one of the artists I grew up listening to with my dad. He used to blast a lot of 80s and 90s Rap music in the car when I was a kid, so I listened to a lot of those rappers and I’m hoping to go down as one of those legends one day.” 

Quey is releasing the album under his new record label, Hit Squad Records. In addition to himself, there are three other artists on the label – two from Miami and one female Hip Hop artist from Texas. Quey said he’s planning on following the album with a smaller EP toward the end of December, and might even do an EP on top of that this fall. 

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