Nokturnal Funeral – All Black Everything

Nokturnal Funeral brings industrialized electronic music
back to the forefront of culture

WILKES-BARRE, PA – It’s been awhile since a truly dark band made an impact on culture at large. Most would look to groups like Nine Inch Nails and the grunge sounds of the 1990s, but a new artist out of Pennsylvania is on a mission to make dark wave influential once again.

Nokturnal Funeral is a musician from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania who is using his experience with metal and EDM and melding it with industrial and electronic music for a truly original sound. His unique style is already gaining attention along the East Coast, to the point that some reviewers have called him the “new anchor to EDM’s darkest pleasures.”

“Nine Inch Nails has always been a big influence for me, and a recent review that was published up here referred to my music as the modern version of 90s industrial sound, comparing me to them,” Nokturnal Funeral said. “I also really enjoy Daft Punk and DeadMou5. And when you put all those sounds and influences together, you end up with what I make now. I want my music to be known for something that people can associate with. I want people to look at the lyrics of a song and experience the feelings and emotions of it all and be able to put themselves with it. They’re gonna put my music on because that’s how they feel. We don’t always have good days, and my music will connect with people who have experienced the same things and will help them through those times. Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone else gets enjoyment from what I create.”

To date, Nokturnal Funeral has released two EPs and one full-length album. His biggest hit has been the single “All Black Everything,” which has received thousands of listens across various digital distribution sites. Following that success, he’s launched a new EP called “Lye X Love Cuts,” which can be streamed on all digital distribution sites, such as Spotify, Apply Music and more. It’s a project that he said is based around breaking off an engagement to his fiancé because of issues they weren’t able to overcome.

“It tells the story of things falling apart at the beginning,” he said. “Lye is supposed to be a double-entendre that refers to the lies that were told, and the lye that is like poison that seeps into a relationship. It’s like love physically cutting into you and leaving scars. It’s definitely darker tones, but it’s also a mix of several different things. It’s not just EDM – there are some songs that are more industrialized, and there are some that are more generally of an electronic sound. You could go to a club and you might hear it, but it’s not just straight up dance type music. It adds a more serious tone toward the music. I like those darker tones because there are so many realms of feeling you can hit. If I have something overtly positive, it always sounds happy. But when you get into darker stuff there’s so much more feeling – it can be sad, or down, or some of it just sounds cool. With this project I have some nice melodies that go with those darker tones, and I think it makes for some really cool sounding music.”

Nokturnal Funeral said he’s also working on another project that he hopes to release later this year, and along the way he hoping to be signed by a record label.

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