New On The Grynd Live Interview with TAVI OSHON

The Persistent Grynd: Insider Secrets from TAVI OSHON’s Creative Journey
The pursuit of artistic fulfillment is a relentless grynd, a truth well known by the multitalented TAVI OSHON. From freestyle corners in New York to the gleaming lights of movie sets and the fervor of the recording studio, TAVI OSHON’s journey is a testament to the relentless perseverance and versatility necessary to succeed in today’s creative industries.

Key Takeaways:

Persistence in honing one’s craft is crucial for success in any artistic venture.
Creative progression stems from diverse influences and the refusal to be confined by genre boundaries.
Balancing multiple artistic pursuits requires focus, dedication, and strategic compartmentalization of one’s time and energy.

Embracing Multicultural Musical Roots

In a world where artists often box themselves into a single genre, TAVI OSHON stands out for his refusal to be confined by musical boundaries. He credits his upbringing in the multicultural tapestry of New York with shaping his eclectic musical identity. Growing up, freestyle sessions were a staple, instilling the foundational elements of hip-hop culture within him while revealing the universality of music.

“A lot of cultures and influences all throughout the whole United States now. But at the time when I was real [young], mainly in, you know, [New York],” he recalls.

It’s not just about hip-hop for TAVI OSHON—he readily writes across genres from R&B to rock, pop, and even gospel. Tavi is an advocate for embracing all forms of music, drawing inspiration from a vast array of artists, both mainstream and niche. This openness to various music styles allows him to craft songs that resonate on multiple levels, presenting an authentic narrative that mirrors his diverse personal and musical influences.

The Grynd Behind the Glamour

Discussing his collaboration with Benny the Butcher on “Marble Floors,” TAVI OSHON shares a behind-the-scenes look at the often unseen grind of the music industry. His account reveals how unforeseen challenges are transformed into opportunities. His anecdote serves as a masterclass in adaptability—a crucial characteristic for modern creatives navigating an unpredictable industry landscape.

TAVI OSHON exemplifies a hands-on approach, from procuring Benny’s verse and building the track around it to managing logistics for the video shoot. His story illustrates how success often hinges on one’s ability to steer a project through uncertainty.

“I always just felt like it’s always good to be able to attach yourself to your art and just be who you truly are and give it to the people,” Tavi explains.

Artists must be ready to direct and engage in all aspects of their creations. The grynd doesn’t stop at the microphone; it extends into the realm of production, directing, and even, as Tavi’s experience shows, video location scouting and on-the-fly problem-solving.

A Renaissance Man in a Digital Age

As TAVI OSHON discusses his ventures beyond music—such as his role in executive-producing a movie, scoring soundtracks, and acting—it becomes clear that he represents a new wave of renaissance artists. He drives home the idea that to truly master the arts, one must wear many hats. Not content to be pigeonholed into one role, TAVI OSHON argues for the artist’s right to express themselves through every medium that calls to them.

“If you make music, it’s a part of the skill set. It’s like, you got to be able to freestyle, you got to be able to battle… You got to be really sharp,” TAVI OSHON contends while reflecting on his multifaceted endeavors.

In the digital age, where social media blurs lines and democratizes creativity, TAVI OSHON’s pursuits serve as a playbook for aspiring artists. It’s about diversifying one’s skills and engaging deeply with each facet of the creative process—whether that means writing a heartfelt song, delivering a captivating on-screen performance, or crafting a compelling narrative for the silver screen.

Reflecting on TAVI OSHON’S discussion, it’s apparent that the grynd is multifarious and non-linear, littered with lessons and victories in equal measure. The insights revealed in conversation suggest a roadmap for aspiring creatives: embrace your roots, stay persistent, and never shy away from the toil behind the scenes. It’s a narrative of a man whose name is not just a brand but a symbol of artistic integrity—one that speaks to the power of genuine expression across mediums and the triumph of perseverance.


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