Out Now- The Grynd Report Issue 34 Miss Lovely The Goddess Edition

Out Now The Grynd Report Issue 34 “Miss Lovely The Goddess” Edition @royal_v_ent

The Grynd Report releases their 34th issue featuring Miss Lovely The Goddess on the cover. In this music business you strive to be the best while staying clear from the negativity. Miss Lovely The Goddess explains how she does just that and more. From her dedication to her Grynd she is on the path to success. This issue also features artists, producers and taste makers within the independent music scene.
Also featuring @hollywoodevans @taizautie @internationalrecords @globalthugz @famerica_jeandeau @st.ridah @trilla_davinci @kvngclear @slimmoe7 @shacoxo @dj_gl @jubeekane @rontisha @james_swetmusic

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