MajikTouch – Her Escape (Ride Thru The City)

Connecticut native aims to put his state on the map with
versatile new sound

BRIDGEPORT, CT – It’s rare for a multi-varied artist like MajikTouch to come on the scene of the music industry, and it’s even more rare for such a supreme talent to come from a small town in the middle of Connecticut. But though it’s a region of the country not often associated with hip-hop, MajikTouch is ready to put his little town on the map and showcase some of the amazing artistry coming from his neck of the woods.

As owner of 4See Studios, MajikTouch has the opportunity to work with many up-and-coming artists from the area and gets a front-row seat to some of the most under-appreciated talent in the country. He’s proud of the talent his region can showcase, and he’s excited to be a part of that demonstration of talent with the release of his new single and EP.

The EP is called “In Case You Weren’t Informed,” and features seven songs that are true to his style – versatile and catchy. Every beat dictates a different feel and surrounds a different story from his life – from street records to relationship songs to songs that get listeners pumped up. There are songs about arguments and fights, songs about love and relationships, and songs about walking away from a life of selling drugs on the streets to become legitimate businessmen.

“It’s a lot of things to draw strength from in hard times,” MajikTouch said, also pointing to the depth behind the meaning of his name and how it ties to his music. “As I have gotten older I’ve started to realize that the knowledge I’ve gained is very important. I try to share my wisdom and knowledge and experience with those around me. My name represents the ability I have to touch certain people’s lives to help them grow and become better. The people I work with have become exponentially better in their music careers, and in general I want to have a good impact and influence on the people around me.”

That’s the core of what makes his music great, and he hopes people will experience that uplifting motivation whenever they listen to his work. One great example of that is his new single, “Her Escape (Ride Through The City)” which was produced by MajikTouch himself and his comrade, Symphony Swingg. It’s a song that has an R&B vibe, with an old-school Timbaland and Aliyah feel to it. The lyrics have substance and pair well with the vibrant beat and captivating melody. The song is about a young lady who works to support herself, but doesn’t have many friends or family members supportive of her situation. She deals with everyday challenges by herself, until she meets a young hustler from another city. The more time she spends with him, the more he gives her an escape from her harsh reality. Putting that single on his EP, which already feature a number of different beats, is something he said perfectly fits the versatile reputation he’s trying to build for himself.

“I want to be known as a versatile artist,” he said. “I’m not any one thing. I’m multi-cultured. I’ve been on the streets. I’ve been in the suburbs. I know different sides of life. However the music communicates to me; that’s what I’m going to create and write from. I’m genuine and unique and something you can relate to.”

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