Lex Dime – Lost Girls Ft. Suzann Christine (Official Video)

Lex Dime is launching a new campaign in the spring of 2017, around her latest hip-hop release, “Lost Girls”. In an effort to unify young girls and to promote a message of self-worth, Lex Dime has created a campaign to encourage young girls to find their identity and love themselves.

The “Lost Girls” song features songstress Suzann Christine, produced by Jonathan Tottle and was executive produced by Grammy winning producer Carvin Haggins, who has worked with Grammy winning artists for over twenty-years. Both Suzann and Carvin are Philly natives and Alexis felt Suzann brought everything that was needed to the song.

In her magical storytelling way, Lex breaks down three verses by creating three female characters and writing a story that talks about heartache, rape, pain and low self-esteem. In just four minutes, Lex was able to grasp a lot of what today’s teen girls are faced with.


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