Jade Massentoff – Rematch

Hot new artist Jade Massentoff launches into music industry with a bang

DALLAS, TX – Jade Massentoff has always had a special relationship with her father. While her
mother was having her be involved in the church choir and learn about the R&B and Soul legends through the years, her father was teaching her about hip-hop. When she was young and he would pick her up from school, she remembers fondly sitting in the back seat while he would play a beat, and he would encourage her to freestyle.

That early education in music continued through the years, and has come together in incredible form for this budding new artist who is truly a versatile musician with a new sound. Her new EP will be an exploration of that versatility, and with singles like the sultry “Rematch” or the introspective “Depression,” she’s sure to have fans clamoring for more.

“Every single song on this project is different,” she said. “There’s R&B, pop, rap, contemporary, classical – I like it all, and I make music that makes me happy. If it makes me happy, I think other people will be happy. And I think one of the things that make me truly unique is that undying creativity. It’s never-ending. I’m all over the place – that’s who I am as a person – and when it comes to my music I want people to see someone different and new and fresh.”

Though she’s from Dallas, Jade recorded all of the songs on the EP in Atlanta. And in addition to working with her father, Cory Stephenson of Subzero Wreckids, she also had the opportunity to work with AP Factor and his team from New Fam Entertainment in Atlanta. With those collaborations, she was able to create her debut single, “Rematch,” which she said is a “grown up and sexy type of song.”

“I wrote it after I was playing one of my favorite video games, Tekken, and he kept wanting a rematch because I kept winning,” she said. “I kept thinking about that idea of a rematch and using it as a metaphor for people who want to go another round, so to speak, in the bedroom. They want a rematch because it was so good the first time.”

Jade said the R&B vibe of the song is perfect for an end-of-the-night club-closer, or something a couple might play in the bedroom. The music video for the song is also making waves as she gains notoriety across the country, and she hopes it will help catapult her into bigger and better success. Following up “Rematch” is another single, “Depression,” which she said has more of a
sad and emotional tone.

“I wrote it in my room with tears falling down my face,” she said. “My brother committed suicide last year, and after that experience I didn’t even want to think about music for a long time, let alone writing. But this song just came to me one day, and I knew I needed to write out how I was feeling immediately. The song ended up being a very heart-felt ode to my brother, and I think it can be something that can be used to reach out to people going through similar things with mental illness and depression. Ultimately it’s a song that says, ‘Don’t give up. Keep going.’”

Jade said music definitely helped her deal with the emotions of the past year, but she also gives special thanks to her friend and “angel” Dora, who has helped encourage her music career through the years.

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