Israel Stone – Game

Israel Stone overcomes two car accidents, brain injuries
to continue music career

ERIE, PA – Israel Stone is an artist who had a promising future in the industry that was derailed in recent years after two car accidents in three years caused minor brain injuries. But the artist who once worked with Prince and who was associated with some of Michael Jackson’s endeavors during the 1990s has made a resurgence of late and is ready to show the world that he still has the creativity and musical acumen to be an influential voice in the world.

His most-recent release is a single called “Game.” It’s a song that follows the success of its predecessor, “Come Down,” which was No. 1 on the Indie charts in 2017 and has seen major rotation throughout the United Kingdom and parts of the U.S. Already “Game” is gaining similar attention from critics, with four stars on Billboard and Radio Airplay and momentum from many of the radio stations in the U.K.

“It’s a song I wrote when my girl was dying from cancer,” he said. “We had been together forever but had broken up and when I found out she was in the hospital I was trying to see her, but her family was keeping me from seeing her. It was a game just trying to get in there to see her. So this song is kind of a Romeo and Juliet type of story about me just trying to be there for her during the hardest time of her life.”

“Game” and “Come Down” are just two of the songs on the album “Love’s Beautiful Disaster.” Israel said that album is perhaps the project he’s most proud of in his career because he developed it all on his own, and he did so in the years following his second accident. The brain injury he sustained in his accidents makes it nearly impossible for him to remember anything – especially lyrics – so he has to write down anything creative he might come up with and have it in front of him at all times, especially when he’s recording.

But the accidents didn’t take away his creative flair and unique sound and style. His voice is one that Alan Leeds – former manager for Prince – praised as one of the best he’s heard. It’s a voice and style that’s more than just urban pop music chasing an existing audience. Israel Stone creates music that is new and progressive and attracts a whole new and unique set of followers and fans. By blending an easy pop accessibility with hip-hop-infused grooves and futuristic electronic trappings – and overlaying that with a lyrical delivery that is unlike anyone else in the business – he has created something that not only hops styles and blends genres, but which sounds like a whole new step in the evolution of pop music. Some musicians follow the pack. Others beat trails through new musical landscapes without ever bothering to look behind them to see what the competition is up to. Israel Stone is the latter.

“My music is more of a mode that conveys a message of love and hope,” Israel said. “Even though things can bring you down, you still have power. I went through hell making this album. I was down. For a while after the car accident I couldn’t even talk, let alone remember the words I’d written. That kind of experience changes you, and as a result this is a whole new vibe from me compared to my debut album. I’m proud of it and hope more and more people will enjoy listening to it.”

Israel Stone’s music is available on all digital distribution outlets.


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