[Interview] John Basement

What is the album name?


What made you name the album this?

As you can see on the album artwork, this represents the universe of contemporary music that has been conveyed through so many mediums of media. We can listen and experience music in so many different ways from a record player with large corded headphones to ear buds streaming from a digital platform to your phone to a broken down AM/FM radio. Some folks are definitely still riding and bumping CDs in their car, I mean music meets us where we are at and over the past 30 years it has taken many shapes but its still the language of the soul. I’m just tapping into that energy that spans lifetimes; so it is very much a past to present and present to past and future as now type vibe.

What vibes can fans expect?

Timeless music is the goal of this audio presentation. This is an All Star showing of my catalog from the past 15 years. My catalog has over 300 songs and while “there are no old songs if you’ve never heard them”, the point has to been to curate these songs so that they can be presented in the form of various LPs. This album focuses on the songs that are undeniably GOOD. No matter when they were created, they accomplished the goal of being timeless tracks.. SoulHop at its finest!

How many songs will be featured on the album?


Was there any specific inspirations for the album?

Every listener and fan that gave me an honest assessment of my music and hopefully encouraged me to continue on this path.. I do it for THEM..

What do you hope fans take after listening to it?

Take the fact that the LOVE coming thru the speakers is genuine. I truly want the best for all those embrace my music. I hope it helps them grow and get through life’s hard times with grace.

Any specific producers, engineers you’d like shoutout that’s been apart of the album?

Thankful for my engineer PacMan Bandz who handled the final mastering of this album. Yorel Tifsim, Sleaze of 808 Mafia and Brodie of SourLife all produced on this project and all are Pittsburgh natives.

When can fans expect this album to be released?

By the end of November 2022.




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