Conversation with Niño Brown about his new UGA Rap anthem “Red and Black” @cortezgarza

Niño Brown is dropping yet another project but this time abandoning the hardcore sound of the street he had become known for and adopting a much more
family friendly, wholesome sound. “Red and Black” the latest Georgia Bulldogs football team rap anthem has an intention and feel that appeals to die hard
fans of the team but is sure not to leave out a single person at the tailgate.
“I went into this project as an outsider. I absolutely root for the hometeam and have been a resident in Athens for many years, to the extent that I forget
sometimes that Atlanta is my home”. Back in late February /early March I started working with a personal trainer who knew everything and anything about
the Dawgs and the wheels in my head started turning”, says Brown. “I soaked up all the game I could from him and went to work. This was a huge challenge cause
this could end my rap career just as soon as it began and people take their Bulldogs very seriously”. According to Brown it took almost an entire year just to
mix the track once the basic vocals on the hook and his verse were completed. “I considered it being a featureless song but once we had a basic song structure
it felt like multiple verses from me alone would get old quickly so I began looking for features. I figured people would hop right on but some rappers didnt feel
like it would fit their image and passed.” ” Thankfully I was in the studio one day recording with, Quezzy Poet, who is easily one of the most gifted people I know
asked him to listen to the mix of the hook and one thing led to another and he recorded some parts on the hook. I actually left the room and when I came back
had dropped a verse. In 15 minutes he changed the song completely but for the better and I had no intention of that happening when I went in that day”.
“After that I just had one open verse to fill and I felt like the song would be nearly done, the whole time the season was playing out and we just kept winning, we
were #1 for most of the season”. “I put this pressure on myself to get this thing out in the world, so I hit up Byv_Trubb who’s like a brother and a mentor to me, just
the hardest rapper there is”. “He agreed to hop on and as expected wrote a crazy verse and came in the studio and nailed it in like one take”.
A remarkable story and a reminder that with patience and a little luck, sometimes things just line up and when they do it’s called perfect timing.
“Red and Black” by Niño Brown, BYV_Trubb and Quezzy Poet is available now on all streaming platfroms.

Official video for “Red and Black” by Niño Brown, BYV_Trubb and Quezzy Poet.
video filmed and produced by Brasher Media
filmed on location in Athens, Ga.

produced by Niño Brown and Mathew Tamisin
track produced by Ihateyoujonny
song written by Joshua Garza, Brandon Garrett and Tina Swain
recorded at Japanski Studio
mixed and mastered by Mathew Tamsin at Japanski Studio

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