Business Mogul Maxwell Billieon & NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas @MaxwellBillieon

Providing tools and information to help people become successful millionaires, business mogul Maxwell Billieon presents CAPITALIZE: The Business of Doing Business.

CAPITALIZE master classes provide instructional modern business strategies for people of all ages for free. This 100% virtual program is moderated by Maxwell Billieon and features this week’s guest NBA Hall of Fame Superstar and businessman, Isiah Thomas!

Maxwell Billieon created CAPITALIZE to address the need to build economic empowerment, business literacy and increase generational wealth. “My vision is to eradicate poverty by providing information that only wealthy people have known until now. I have enlisted the biggest names in business and media to help me teach people from their own personal and professional experiences.”

This week’s virtual class will be Tuesday October 11th at 6pm. To register join Zoom Meeting and enter 87803089161

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