Beth is set to bring back the 90’s R&B Chemistry with future release “Get To Know Me”

If you were to ask anyone in the world what era of music impacted them the most, that answer would depend on how long they lived so far and when they first were introduced to music. Depending on when the music you heard became something you could relate to was when you felt it did the most for you. If you were to focus on R&B music, the 90’s ERA was a time in the genre where everyone would say great music was made.

For women 90’s era music was a time where they felt the words, emotion, and love that came with being with the person you were in love with. Men and Women put their hearts and souls in every lyric, and you can tell the world felt it. Beth is an R&B artist who knows exactly what that music feels like and wants to bring that chemistry and passion into her new album “Get To Know Me”.

Teaming up with producer Marcus “Daheatmizer” Devine, Beth put together a masterpiece that will have you remembering or noticing what you were missing. “Get To Know Me” releases on all digital platforms 9-30-22 and when you purchase the full album fans will get single “Let Me Be” upon purchase. We had the opportunity for an exclusive pre-view of “Let Me Be” and can promise you every vocal, instrument and sound will have you mesmerized.

We don’t want to give it all away but “Let Me Be” is a song every man truly wants in her woman and true women want to experience with their men. If you are looking for a R&B singer that truly sings in today’s era Beth is that artist.

Be prepared to stream Anise Records artist Beth new album “Get To Know Me” everywhere digital music can be heard


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