A Look into the world of Brooklyn Rapper “Donn P”

As of late, I have been asked to review music for artists of various genres. Listening to the music is one thing, but I like to conduct interviews as well, as to ascertain the person’s vibe. In the case of Brooklyn rapper Donn P., an interview was not conducted, but his Instagram page offered several clips that gave me some insight into his persona.

His new video, “Blaoww Bitch” features Donn P. laying down lyrics on the instrumental to Midnight Star’s “I’m Curious”. I happen to love the classic, so I was intrigued to hear his rendition; the messages were starkly different. Despite this, I think it is an interesting move as it broadens his demographic, due to the nostalgic vibe of the track. More interesting, was his play on Nicki Minaj’s “Chun Li”; the video, “Shad Moss”, featured Ashley DPD. His energy was fun, creative, entertaining; he added personality and quirky lyrics.

“Donnio Krazy” offers a glimpse into his background and upbringing; his relationship with his mother, girlfriends and taking school seriously are all points that he touches on. “Once Upon A Time” is shot on a basketball court and speaks to his brother being murdered, as well as hustling and jail life. These are the stories I feel are more valuable as they are more prevalent, more relate-able and unfortunately more common.

His music has impressed upon me that he is able to be diverse and deliver his message accordingly. I look forward to watching him grow in his craft and in this industry. In a climate where success and happiness are a facade, it is important to remain true to your story; you never know who you are motivating and inspiring with your message.



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