Yung Truez is coming for them stacks with new single “Back In The Trap”

Street life has its ups and downs where success is the only direction you want to see yourself pointed to. It affords the hustler a fast life, fast money, a lot of women and most of all customers. Although someone can see the complete opposite our focus is what happens when everything goes right “Back In The Trap

Charleston, South Carolina has birthed artists looking to take their street experiences and transition into a life in music where they can see the same success. One of these artists goes by the name of Yung Truez who teamed up with Jay Fizzle and Skitcha Beats to bring the world “Back In The Trap”. This is that talk the streets especially in Yung Truez city needs to hear and can relate to. Using your knowledge of the streets to accumulate income in the music business.

We hear a lot of street related records daily, but Yung Truez and Jay Fizzle put a flavor on it that makes it feel brand new. Understanding where they come from will draw you into their style of music, so it’s a must you pay attention to what they have to bring to the table.

Stream “Back in The Trap” by Yung Truez Ft Jay Fizzle on YouTube now

Instagram : @_Iloveyungtruez


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