Young Goats – What Love Is

Young Goats’ single ‘What Love Is’ is successfully playing; preparing to release new summer album in 2019

SAN DIEGO, CA – Young Goats is a hip-hop duo based out of Southern California that is starting to gain some major attention along the West Coast and that is poised to make a major leap in notoriety all over the world.

Young Quan and Goatey have released two mixtapes together so far, and have been riding ever-increasing waves of success since they first started Young Goats at the beginning of this year. Their most recent single “What Love is” is already making waves.

According to Young Quan, the song is supposed to be a fun vibe that people can sing and dance to – the kind of summer vibe that’s upbeat and gets people moving. The lyrics talk about showing a girl the love she deserves and not hesitating but taking control of the moment.

“My biggest inspiration is my girl, and Goatey,” Young Quan said. “We push ourselves to be better, but really we just make music because it’s fun for us. We do it for fun, like our hobby. What makes us different is how diverse we are in our style and topics. We might be doing a rap song or just switch to a dance hall vibe or Pop.”

Young Quan said a lot of the upcoming music that they’ll be releasing features more of a Pop sound than it does rap, and that one of the most unique things about their collaboration is how perfectly their voices complement each other. In his words, “we have no limits in what type of song we will create.”

Both young artists have been lovers of music for most of their lives. Young Quan started playing piano at age 8, but eventually left it behind to pursue interests in athletics. He never thought about music as a profession until he met Goatey and the vibe and energy that exploded between them made him want to accomplish big things.

“We really are the greatest of all time and we will prove that to everyone with our new mixtape ‘Goat Life,’” Young Quan said. “We started recording it in February and haven’t even been at this a full year yet and we’re seeing a lot of growth, and we can’t wait to show our fans that.

We are really putting our lives, time, effort and money into this. Nothing can or will stop us.” “Goat Life” will be a dance hall and Pop mixture of sounds that Young Quan said will be the perfect summer jam for 2019. He said the duo hopes to release the project toward the end of spring next year.

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