YBezzy Prince of Rap releases new album “The Beehive”

When creating an album, artists that are dedicated to their craft are focused on putting their best work out. Everything from the vibe, studio, production, engineering, experiences and emotions go into creating their very own masterpiece. The perfect creation can sometimes take years before its ready for the world and artists true to their music won’t share it with the world until its perfect.

BGrecords artist YBezzy now living in Atlanta, Georgia by way of Miami, Florida is one of them ones dedicated and true to his music. Within 3 years he took his time to develop a project that is relatable to anyone who understands the struggle and independent grynd. His motivation and consistency to deliver great music allowed him to release his latest album “The Beehive“.

This body of work consist of 14 tracks totaling 44 min and 21 seconds of pure talent. Starting off the project with No Practice he taps into the controversial interview with Allen Iverson but we’re not going to give it away, if you know you know. As we dive further into the project we notice production by producers D-Bando, PROD BY AG, WAVE 808 and AYOOINK. YBezzy has delivered an album that can be listened from front to back with no skipping.

Bees like honey as humans we like money getting to the top it’s levels to reaching the beehive anything outside the beehive gets stung – YBezzy

If we had to pick our favorite songs we would say lead single ” 1K A Day, New Shit, Throw it Down, Panamera, Poverty, & Solid” are records that grabbed us the most. Honestly “The Beehive” has something for everybody especially true hip hop fans. The only way to experience what we have is to listen for yourself.

Stream “The Beehive” now on all digital platforms and follow him now on social media @Ybezzy_


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