(Video) AleXx Stone – ” We Know”

AleXx Stone’s has released a brand new visual entitled“We Know” the gripping video shows the east Tennessee artist in what some would consider his raw form, rapping to a friend of his about what he’s been through and where he’s headed, all while preparing for what seems like a heist.

AleXx Stone originally from The Bronx uses the track to paint a rather vivid lyrical picture of what happens when someone portrays a lifestyle they can’t live up to.

In the video shot & directed by Yorkethedirector of QualityVision Films, you catch AleXx struggling to decide on the best move, trying not to fold under intense pressure.

All In all the video’s goal was to express a very real example of what can happen when the pressure is on.

Check Out “We Know” Below

More on “We Know”

Motivation behind this song?

I just wanted to give real lyrics to my listeners and give my personal opinion on rappers that think they have to front to gain popularity.
Who produced this track?
A producer by the name of Bandit Luce
Any features?
As of right now, every track has been done solo but, Yes there will be features on my music in the near future.What’s next?More shows videos and merch!!!!!follow me:
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