The Grynd Report interviews Peter Larry Loud @ PeterLarryLoud

Thank you for taking time w/ us Peter Larry Loud. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from?
What up doe it’s Peter Larry Loud coming from Flint Michigan. I appreciate you guys taking the time to speak with me and getting to know me a little.

What was life like growing up in Flint?
Growing up in flint I’m not going to say it was easy and not going to say it was hard. But i will say it did teach me a lot and made me who I am today. If you can make it in flint you can make it any where is how i feel. At one point the city was full of love and positive stuff going on but after awhile that died down once they took all the jobs away. That’s when the city crime rate went up and things started to get bad. After a while they started shutting all the schools around the city. So now our youth barley have a place in their own community to get an education. To make matters worse they switched the water on the residents so now your forced to use bottle water or have to boil your water just to drink cook or even to bathe. This been going on for some years now and after all the deanations the problem still haven’t been fixed. I have hope that one day my city will be back to normal and we will have clean water and more schools for our youth to attend.

How did you get started in the music business?
I started music because I would always play around rapping on my computer’s voice recorder. I never really took it serious until my brothers started a group called “Bedrock Boyz.” Seeing them in the studio recording and doing shows made me want to do it. Also being alongside Kidd Coogi (Mario Knowles) while his career was taking off was inspiration as well. I also use to run my own internet radio show “A.T.C We Support Radio” where we gave indepent artist a chance to get there music heard for free. I recently stoped and put that on the back burner to focus on my own music career.

How did you come up with your name ‘ Peter Larry Loud’?
When i tell people how i came up with the name its kind of funny. I use to call myself Mr. I Get Money but that name was just to common and didn’t have a catch to it. So one day I was playing around on “Facebook” trying to change my name to Peter Wack-Her but they wouldn’t allow me to get the name so i had to think of something else. Around that time Outkast and UGK had came out with the song I choose you. It was a line in the song that said “My homeboy Larry Loud the only one who had my back”. I had just started smoking a strain of weed called “Larry Loud ” heavy to help me deal with my problems. So when i heard that line i felt it so decided to put Peter in front and i been Peter Larry Loud every since.

Give us some details on how J90 Entertainment and how it was started.
J90 entertainment was started in the memory of my dad who passed away March 4, 2014. The “J” represents his name “Johnny” the 90 represents the year i was born and the 90’s is also the year my pops was in his prime. He was know around the city of Flint for his street ties and the Pit bulls he breed. That’s why the logo for J90 entertainment is a pit bull because my dad had a passion for dogs. I even got a dog tatted on my arm that says “Long Live Johnny” to remember him.I lost my dad while he was working on a job site so i really don’t see my working a 9-5 for to long. I want to use J90 entertainment to move around this music like my dad moved around in the streets and with his dogs.

We read that some of your music idols are Boosie, Master P and Kevin Gates. How have they influenced you to become the artist you are today?
I grew up listening to Master P and no limit I still have some of their albums to this day. I respect Master P for his hustle and his grind. He was one of the first to actully bring his label up off the ground with out a big company backing him. He was the true meaning of an independent grain and getting it out the mud. Now Boosie that’s my faviorte rapper of all time. He plays a big part in the music i make if you really listen to his music he is telling you a story and when u hear that story you can visualize the words. In my music i do the same i want to tell the people a story they will beable to vibe to and have a better understanding of the music. Kevin Gates he influce me because he battle depression just like i do but he lets it be know and is not scared to show his mood swings in his music. When you listen to my music you will be able to see how my mood will switch up on different songs.

What is your definition of Grynd?
Working hard everyday towards your goals to better your life.

What’s next for Peter Larry Loud?
Right now I’m in the process of finishing up my ep titled “Long Live Johnny” . I’m preparing to get more visuals out there for the people to give them a better feeling for the music as well. “Oh Yea” I will be releasing another single of the ep soon too called “Trippin” this one right here is go be one for the clubs and the radio waves.

Where can we find you online?
All social media @ PeterLarryLoud , you can look me up on Soundcloud and YouTube just type in Peter Larry Loud and music will pop up. I also have a few tracks on apple music that I am featured on.

Any Shout Outs?
First of wanna give a shout out to God because with out him watching over me and guiding me i wouldn’t be here to day. Second I’m just go say shout out to the “Kennel”. If you support me and this J90 movement you are apart of the ” Kennel”.